There are certain things that need to be remembered before you get a sports/luxury car. First and foremost, a luxury car is expensive and needs the highest degree of insurance coverage. You therefore need to be very careful when choosing the most suitable car insurance plan for your luxury vehicle. Take a look at this article to know all about the luxury cars and how you can properly care for them.

Before we speak about new car’s insurance let us find out more about the top luxury sports vehicles:

  •        Mercedes Benz AMG GT: This is one of the most sought-after luxury cars in the world. The vehicle has some of the most enviable features and is every car lover’s dream to own.
  •        Audi TTS: Another from the elite list, the Audi TTS is a superb luxury car. It has a classy engine that powers the vehicle with ease. It has the sporty look, but has the comfort of a top-class sedan.
  •        Lamborghini Huracan: This is the car that dreams are made of! A classic two-seater with just two posh doors. Need we say any more?
  •        Porsche Cayman: Next on the list is the Porsche Cayman. This is also a desirable luxury car that has some unbelievable features.
  •        Ford Mustang GT: To finish off the list, we have the sensational Ford Mustang GT. This car is a beauty with its 3-liter engine and cruise control.

Whether you wish to buy any of these cars or another model, you need to insure it very well. Read on to know how exactly you can do so.

Insurance tips for luxury cars

  1. Insure sufficiently: A luxury car has a higher number of features. The car and its spare parts cost more too. As a result, the car insurance plan will also be a lot higher. Keep this in mind and ensure you get enough insurance coverage. Do not look to compromise on the cover. If there is a claim, you would require the complete support of your insurer.
  2. Compare: If the price tag of the new car insurance plan pinches you too much, look for ways in which you can get a better quote. The easiest thing to do here is to compare. Once you compare, you will surely discover the best plan at the best rate.
  3. Install safety gadgets: Your car is expensive and precious. You therefore need to install some safety gadgets in it. This will not only keep your vehicle safer, it will also lower your car insurance costs. Take add-on covers for the accessories of the car that aren’t normally covered in the plan. These accessories are expensive and you need to insure them too.
  4. Get suitable riders: Like mentioned above, you need the highest degree of motor insurance coverage for such a car. So, look for suitable riders when you buy car insurance online. The riders will cover your vehicles appropriately. Popular riders or add-on covers are Roadside Assistance, Zero Depreciation, etc.
  5. Calculate the IDV: If you are buying a used luxury car or you are renewing your car insurance plan, do calculate the IDV. This will help determine the exact level of insurance and also fix the cost of the plan suitably.
  6. Look for discounts: Discuss the scope of discounts with your insurer. You may be eligible for the No Claim Bonus, get discount for being a member of an automobile association, etc.
  7. Check deductibles: You have the option of choosing a voluntary deductible in your car insurance plan. This will reduce your premium. However, it will also reduce your insurance cover in terms of the amount. Thus, choose wisely.
  8. Buy online: As we all know; car insurance online is more affordable. Do explore the online car insurance plans to get a good rate.
  9. Look for offers: some online insurers also provide suitable offers on car insurance on their websites.
  10. Renew on time: Never let your plan lapse. Renew your luxury car insurance on time and enjoy continuous coverage.


Keep these simple tips and guidelines in mind when you buy an insurance plan for your luxury car. You will surely find the best plan and your car will always remain protected.