Vehicle insurances efficiently take care of the expenses arising from the unpleasant surprising events involving damages, theft, and third-party liabilities. As the insurance plans are mandatory and protect you from all kinds of financial liabilities related to your vehicle, you should choose the plans wisely. To choose a plan wisely, you will have to compare all the vehicle insurance online plans on websites like

Before enrolling in a vehicle insurance plan online, the policyholder should check whether he or she is eligible for the insurance plan or not.  To check the eligibility, you should check the details required for the documents.  Some of the important documents include proposal form, registration certificate, and previous insurance certificate. Keep some of the important details with you before enrolling to a plan. The details include vehicle registration number, car model details, car registration certificate, evidence or certificate of the previous vehicle insurance.

You will have to upload all the required documents to the insurance provider at the same time making sure that all the information provided are correct and up to date.

Documents Needed For Vehicle Insurance Online

If you are choosing to buy vehicle insurance online, you will have to keep certain documents ready. The proper documentation will keep the enrollment process hassle-free.

  • Filled up proposal form – you will have to fill the insurer details, type of policy, vehicle details such as registration number, model, CC, Insured declared values, General information and declaration. After filling the form take a print of it for your record and upload the form online.
  • Registration certificate – to substantiate the proposal form, you will have to upload a copy of the vehicle registration certificate.
  • Previous insurance certificate – Along with proposal form and registration certificate, you will have to provide the previous insurance certificate for the previous vehicle insurance.

You will need to submit the forms and certificate online. Except that, every car owner should have a valid driver’s license to drive the vehicle.

Additional Covers of Vehicle Insurance Online

Vehicle insurance online generally covers all the coverages that offline damages related to the third party, collision related damages and comprehensive coverage for both third party and your vehicle.

Third Party liability coverage – Third party car insurance provides cover against any legal liability to a third party caused when the driver is at fault. This type of insurance is legally mandatory under the motor vehicle act, 1988.

Comprehensive Coverage – Comprehensive coverage includes damage of the car, theft of the vehicle, third party legal liabilities and personal accident cover. This type of coverages is popular as it protects your vehicle from end to end.

Vehicle insurance online provides additional covers than the insurance opted offline. The extra covers include No claim bonus, Personal accident riders, cover for car accessories, save through paying high deductibles and add-ons on the existing policies.

Add-ons – Additional add-ons on your policy include Accessory covers, engine protector, zero depreciation covers, and medical expenses.

No Claim bonus – Every year, the insured is rewarded discounts on the premiums for policy renewal. The discount is called a no-claim bonus.  The bonus is incremental and increases every year.  The discount varies from 10% through 50%. With the discount provided, you can get a chance to save a lot on the premium payment every year.

Personal accident riders – Personal accident covers can be availed by paying extra for your premiums.  The rider provides coverage for the medical expenses due to damage, personal injury or difficulty caused due to an accident.

Cover for car accessories – Opt for the covers for car accessories and get the extra coverage for paying the price for your accessories. This policy is not included in your normal Vehicle insurance.

Pay high deductibles and save – The policyholders can save on the policy by paying high premiums. If you choose to pay high deductibles while filling the form, the insurance providers might give you a discount on the premium payments at the later point in time.

Choosing the right vehicle insurance plan is as important as enrolling to a plan. If you are planning to buy a plan for your vehicle make sure you have all the required documents ready beforehand.