Search Engine Optimization is one of the most essential techniques that can help boost your online presence. When your page has been Optimized, it ranks higher and becomes easier to find. When a potential patient is searching for a medical practice, they mostly go through the first page only. The pages which appear on the SERP have organic traffic. Using SEO can help you to reach the targeted audience. There are two types of SEO strategies: On-Page and Off-page. You can read more about on-page SEO strategies here: We are listing down some of the off-page SEO strategies that you should employ. They will help to increase traffic on your website which will lead to conversions in the long run. Backlinks are one of the most effective off-page SEO techniques. Here is all that you need to know about them.

Ultimate Guide] How To Get Quality Backlinks The Smart Way [Part 1] | by  Ameer Rosic | Medium

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are those links that are present on the other websites and lead back to yours. A backlink gives a signal to the search engine that your website provides a valuable and trustworthy resource. It also increases the ranking of your page and domain. The higher the authority, the easier you will rank for keywords. This will help to drive traffic. Backlinks have a snowball effect which helps your website to grow organically.


Guest Posting for Building backlinks

One of the most effective ways to build backlinks is by guest posting on other healthcare publications. When you guest author a post on another website, it includes one or more backlinks. This helps to generate referral traffic and increase brand exposure. You can find a guest opportunity by simply searching on Google for “Keyword + guest post”, for example, Dental guest post. It will list the websites which offer guest posting opportunities and their guidelines. After that, you can carefully pitch your idea to the websites. Not going through the guidelines before pitching can increase the chances of your proposal being rejected. Once the publication has accepted your pitch, you can begin writing and then submit it. The publication will share an approximate date of publication. This can help to build relationships that can help you to author more guest posts in the future.


Acquiring backlinks for healthcare website

Another way to create backlinks is by outreach. It involves reaching out to link-minded businesses and proposing a link to the valuable piece of content which you have created. This will help you to create backlinks and increase social shares, relationship building and even improve referral traffic. The very first step to do this is by creating a list of websites you would like to pitch to. These websites should be relevant. You can manually build a list of the companies that you would like to pitch to. You can also make use of tools like Pitchbox. They will help you to get in touch with influencers and large brands that can promote your content. You can manually build a list in databases like AngelList or CrunchBase.