Most great speakers did not become successful overnight. They had to go on a little journey consisting of failures and falls before they were able to actually work full time in their field. This may not be realized by new speakers that are just starting out. For a person to succeed at doing what they’ve always wanted to do takes patience.

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Pointers for New Keynote Speakers

Any seasoned keynote speaker that has been speaking for years will say this same thing. An open mind is another attribute that appears to be helpful. Being open to new ideas and new ways of doing things can only assist the situation. A few pointers to assist potential speakers are listed below:

  1. learn
  2. practice
  3. market
  4. network
  5. focus

Though an inspiring keynote speaker may think they do not need to learn anything else, there is always a little more to know. Sometimes it’s just small things, like the individual making the volume of his voice higher without sounding like he’s yelling. Or how to wake up and energize an audience that has been sitting for a while.

Or perhaps how to make the entire conversation seem more personable and why doing this would even matter. So the list goes on and on. In all actuality even a keynote speaker that is popular and making the big bucks can still afford new pointers! Which is why being open-minded is so very important, not just in this profession, but in any profession.

Practice never hurts. Practice can only help. Attempt to get a few hours of practice weekly. It’s worth it. What may have seemed to have been tedious at first will now be a breeze, because it’s been done so many times. Standing in front of old friends and speaking is very useful. In most cases, old friends will be afraid to critique, which is exactly what a new speaker needs, an honest audience.

Marketing can be done in a few ways. Going online and building a website is one of those ways. Make sure the website is perky and informational. It should have information on it such as the types of speeches that are given. The different locations that the speaker can visit, like cities or states. And the contact information of individuals. If the speaker is willing to do free speeches to make himself known, perhaps set up a coupon month.

Fill the calendar with free speech days to give the speaker some exposure. Exposure is a good thing. It will allow businesses or groups to see what this person is made of. So they’re enjoying the benefits of a free speaker, without paying for it. In between marketing and doing a few free speeches the speaker should always jump on opportunities to network. Make up free business cards and pass them around at parties or other get-togethers.

Business coaching can most often benefit persons who are new in certain fields. Sitting down and talking to one can really be useful. Business coaching can shine a light on the strengths and weaknesses of the client. It can also show them what to do about it. Having someone else to look at the situation and give a little guidance can be exciting and helpful.

Networking can take place at any time, anywhere. So always be ready. Making friends is generally fun and easy, right? So look at networking in the same way. It’s just a matter of the speaker introducing himself to folks that may benefit from the type of work that he/she does.

New speakers will most likely find themselves working in other fields before taking off and becoming successful. This is normal. Perhaps choose a field that is somewhat similar to being a keynote speaker. For example, perhaps working in marketing while waiting to land gigs. However, when doing this, remember to stay focused. Do not be so involved in other jobs that the goal is completely forgotten. Being a keynote speaker is the goal, so stay on top of it!