What is the benefit of digital advertising for your business? In 2016, the population of 256.2 million people. While internet users, in the same year, amounted to 132 million. Even though,…

What is the benefit of digital advertising for your business?

In 2016, the population of 256.2 million people. While internet users, in the same year, amounted to 132 million. In fact, the number of internet users in 2014 only amounted to 88 million. The growth of internet users over the past 1 year reached 51.8%.

What are the digital advertising relationship and the numbers?

In general, there are two types of advertising, namely traditional advertising and digital advertising. Traditional advertising is suitable for businesses with local consumer targets. This type of advertising attracts consumers to come and buy goods to the location of business people.

In contrast to digital advertising. Such a marketing strategy will expand the reach of the business. Even if you want, you can reach 132 million users on the internet through digital advertising.

If you are still using traditional advertising, of course, it is very difficult to be realized. It could be possible, but you need huge funds.

In harmony with this, here are 5 advantages of using digital advertising for business?

  1. Cost Effectiveness

Traditional advertising is highly dependent on paper (brochures, posters, etc.). As a result, the cost is quite expensive. In addition, you also have to spend more money if you want to expand. Illustrations, you need to spend funds to redesign, reprint and distribute.

Now imagine. Different areas, different languages ​​or target market culture right? Inevitably you have to reprint marketing media so that your product or service information is received appropriately by potential customers.

Much more efficient use of digital advertising agency.

Media marketing is the internet, through google pages or social media. If you want to expand, simply redesign the content and change the target segment. Your ad is ready to redistribute.

  1. Closer to the Consumer Channel

Think of your target as a young person. You simply apply the technique of digital marketing in social media (Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads). The reason? 51% of young people admit that at least 3 hours spend more time on social media.

You just need to polish digital marketing content to the target, then the result will be a sweet fruit.

Digital advertising makes it easy for business people to directly interact with the consumer channel. The accuracy of choosing social media, forum sites, and target keywords on search pages will increase the percentage of marketing effectiveness.

  1. Potentially Viral Business

Through digital advertising, every business is potentially viral. For example Miacih. Of course, you know him, do not you? According to marketing.co.id, Maicih is good at digital marketing. Maicih parties choose social media as a marketing channel.The result? Brand Maicih was viral and spread to various regions.

  1. Customer centric via Digital marketing institute

There is also the brand “Nasty Gal Sophia Amoruso”. Thanks to his clever use of digital advertising, Sophia Amoruso has expanded its business, starting from stalls on eBay to retailing in LA and in some countries with $ 300 million in revenue.

Anyone Becoming a Target Market

digital advertising will lead you to find the right target market. For example, choose a social media channel. You will get data on demographics, behavior, life Matyas, interests, connections to potential customers.

After determining what a consumer persona looks like, you can only need to design digital marketing content and set up a budget allocation for digital advertising. And, boom! Your product will be consumed by consumers.

  1. Ease of Accessing Data and Information Marketing

All digital advertising channels allow advertisers to view data and information. You can find out the personal information of “who is the buyer” of the product, such as demographics, lifestyle, to daily habits.

In fact, at the beginning of your meeting with digital advertising, you can already access the information.

One more advantage when you use digital advertising, you have the convenience to change the ad format and increase its effectiveness when previous ad scenarios are not yet optimal.