You need to know maintaining data security is something that should, especially in an era like now. It can not be denied, humans are easier to complete their work thanks to the help of technology, namely the internet. Information exchange is also easier to do without the time and distance of both parties communicating.

To keep your data secure, you need to know how to secure your own data. here are the tips:

  1. Always Update With Latest Apps

Upgrading is compulsory once you install an app on your computer or smartphone. The goal is to get the latest features and up to date access. If the app is not updated regularly, then the bug will stay on the smartphone. So the data will be vulnerable to the virus if connected to the internet.

To avoid such viruses, make sure you update the app for tablet whenever there is a renewal notice.

  1. Reduce Access on Multiple Computers or Smartphones

Accessing information will be easier to do on a smartphone or yours tablet. However, access with too many computers makes your data vulnerable to being hacked by hackers. For that reason, we recommend that your account be depleted after accessing the information via a public computer. You can delete all search history to remove traces of last access. So all your total net history and data security are maintained. Read also: How to customized your UI/UX

  1. Keep Password Security

A password is a keyword that represents your data. Password usage is commonly used when accessing information over the internet, such as: E-mail. The password you will enter on the E-mail will deliver you to the information and personal data. If passwords are distributed to the public, then E-mail hijacking will be easy. Someone will also easily penetrate information about yourself and tinkering with all the information systems in it.

For passwords to be secure, we recommend using a password that is difficult to guess Blending letters and numbers that are difficult to guess. Never make passwords due to birth date as it is very easy to guess. Additionally, we recommend you create a question to protect the security of your account. Choose questions that you can easily remember answers to.

  1. Use Firewall

A firewall is an excellent additional security to keep your data secure. Firewalls are usually placed between the internet and the internal network. Here, the firewall serves as an intermediary during the exchange of information. In short, data coming out or logging in through the internet must first get firewall approval. If anyone wants to hijack the data, it will be very difficult because access is rejected by the firewall.