Ok, maybe not easy. Rarely is an important business trip with a lot riding on it a relaxing walk in the park. But there are ways you can make it easier, more comfortable, and more streamlined.

Mileage Plans

Frequent flier plans pay off if you invest in them. Find an airline or brand you prefer and stick with them. Points add up, and the companies will reward you well. Upgrades and other perks await! And if you don’t want a program, find a high quality credit card that will reward you in miles for your purchases from various businesses.

Haggle With Car Rental Agencies

Yes. Haggle. Sometimes they’re open to cutting a deal, and representatives at the counter can be your best bet. Negotiating an upgrade or other reward is often in your favor if you’re a frequent customer who has built a relationship with the company – and especially at certain locales. Just smile and be extremely agreeable. Anger and demands definitely work against you.

Cheap Fares Vs. Points

Sometimes simply buying a cheap ticket on another airline is better than blowing your miles on a flight with your usual carrier. Save the miles for the longer, more expensive flights. Avoid, too, spending more in fares simply to earn more points. And while you’re looking for those cheap flights, bookit certainly has them. Be sure to find your bookit coupon on Groupon Coupons today!

Non-Stop Vs. Direct Flights

There’s a difference. Knowing it can save you a lot of time and hassle. Layovers on direct flights will cost you hours, and possibly a day or more. A non-stop flight, however, has no layovers and will get you there in time, saving your precious work schedule and sanity.

Mid-Air Comfort

Even business class can be uncomfortable, depending on how long your flight is. And forget about coach. Still, there are ways to stay in better shape during your flight. A tennis ball can roll out and ease a cramp if you place it between your sore muscle and the seat. Placing it under your bare feet can increase circulation, too. Plus, if you lose it, it’s no big loss. And stretching, with or without a tennis ball, will keep joints more flexible, as will taking a few walks around the aisles when possible.

Strategy Points

With the right credit card, you can earn miles even at a department or grocery store. Anywhere at all if you play your cards well. Look out for special offers from your credit card company, too. Occasionally they’ll offer double miles on certain purchases or additional miles for recruiting another card user. Watch out for annual fees and transaction fees, however. Reading find print is usually necessary, but well worth your time. Using apps is an easy way to track your miles, too. Make a game of things as you watch your points rack up. You could even set achievable (maybe silly) goals for increasing your points. Why not have a little fun?

Pack Well

Keeping it down to the bare essentials will lessen your load, figuratively and literally. It might keep your baggage fees down if you require only a carry-on, and it will definitely lessen the weight (and stress) you carry. Color-coordinate, select fabrics that require little care, and don’t forget to check the weather to know what to bring. An umbrella can be handy.

Directions, Directions

Make sure you know where you’re going. If you must rent a car, have the address at the ready so you’re not frantically looking it up right when you need it. Have a general idea of the airport’s layout, the location of your hotel, where your business meeting or event is, etc. Knowing your surroundings will give you a greater sense of peace and control, both of which are crucial during business trips.