There are many frameworks available for web application development. But among them, Angular is considered to be robust and dynamic in nature and best suited for creating dynamic applications. This is an open source framework. Google backs this framework, and it is mainly popular for development of SPA or single page applications.

Angular offers 2 main features due to which it is mainly used for the development of dynamic apps. Those are dependency injection and binding. Due to these features, it is possible to reduce the amount of code to be written for an application. So, it is possible to save a lot of time and cost needed for the development and maintenance.

Zeolearn offers a course in Angular which aims to give complete knowledge of the Angular framework. After the completion of this course, students will be able to develop SPA applications efficiently. This can bring faster ROI to the businesses they are working in due to a lower expense on maintenance and development. Angular applications can also help in providing faster accessibility.

Angular 6 Training: Course Structure

Through this students will be able to learn:

  • Coding using TypeScript and ES6 language features
  • They are given exposure to best practices present in architecture as well as in coding of the Angular framework
  • Learn and use forms, routing, observables, and dependency injection of the Angular framework
  • Learn Http services in Angular and use it to delete, update, and retrieve applications
  • Performing unit testing on all the modules, services, components, and pipes
  • Utilise Angular CLI for deploying, building, creating angular applications
  • Make use of angular elements and learn to develop reusable elements
  • Learn to create dynamic and model-driven forms which make the unit testing job easier

The course comes with live and interactive classroom sessions, and students can clarify their doubts anytime by interacting with the instructors. They can also interact with and discuss the subject with other participants. The instructors are always open to engaging the students in discussions regarding any concepts learnt in class.

Angular 6 Training: Prerequisites

The attendees of this training must have experience in JavaScript application development. In case if they do not have experience, instructors will arrange one or two days of intensive JavaScript training before the actual course.

The software needed for this training are Node JS, VS code editor, Google and chrome.

Why Zeolearn?

The Angular course provided by the institute are really useful and well structured. There are many students who have already taken advantage of these courses in climbing the professional ladder. This is the best academy for professional courses since it comes with easily accessible and cutting-edge learning platforms.

Experienced instructors lead the courses. A majority of them are industry experts as well. More than anything, the courses are really convenient even for professionals since they provide flexible schedules. The entire course is divided into modules, and the course content is well organised for the ease of learning.

An entire course in Angular comprises of discussions, assignments, live and practical sessions which make the students more confident about what they learn. When the course has been completed successfully, students will be able to develop dynamic web applications using the Angular framework.