Often regarded as the “Swiss Army Knife” for the web developers, Angular is a modern JavaScript framework used to build highly interactive Single Page Applications. Since its inception, Angular has witnessed massive growth in its popularity and reception. This success within such a short-term is mostly because of its ability to bring the three most critical components – speed, agility and support community to the Single Page Applications.

With more and more services being transferred online, the need for intuitive and responsive web pages are higher than ever. The traditional web development platforms often fail to deal with such dynamic pages due to the added load on the servers. Then came the Angular framework. By allowing the browsers to dynamically render and display the content, Angular cut down the load on the server and brought more flexibility to web development.

Recognising the importance of SPA applications in the current online era, both industry giant organisations and startup companies are hiring Angular experts to work for them.

KnowledgeHut offers an Angular6 course to make yourself ready for this golden opportunity.

Why Angular6 is Important

Angular6 is an open sourced framework backed by Google. Angular helps the developers to meet their challenges by combining the effects of declarative templates, dependency injection, and the end to end tooling. One feature that makes Angular far way better than the competitors is its ability to integrate with other frameworks and tools. Some popular platforms such as Kendo UI, Ionic and Famo.us come with Angular pre-built in them. Learn all about the Angular 6 and make a career in it with the Angular6 course from KnowledgeHub.

The ideal Angular6 Course

After successfully managing so many Information Technology courses, KnowledgeHut is now offering comprehensive training on Angular6. The hands-on practical approach of the course ensures a real-world working experience to the students. The classes led by the professional tutors begins with the basic concepts like Forms, Pipes and CSS styling and then moves to more advanced functionalities such as Routing, Directives and Multi-threaded Web.

The workshop will equip you to build Single Page Applications on your own. With low maintenance and development costs, these apps can improve the profitability of your organisation. The academy offers a course completion certificate at the successful completion of the course along with an E-book of courseware.

The Career Options

According to BuiltWith, a popular website profiling company, there are over 30 Lakhs of websites developed with Angular. With more companies expected to join this huge list, the demand for skilled Angular developers is going to be higher in the future. Software architect, web developer, project manager, testing professional etc. are a few roles you can opt for with this certification and enough experience.

This workshop can be benefited by both beginners looking to start a web development career and professionals trying to upgrade their skills. With great career opportunities waiting, now is the best time to start studying Angular.